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FusioNano has strong collaboration with an established research centre enable us to access the latest synthesis and analytical equipment.

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graphene oxide solutions

Why You Should Buy

High Conductive Component

Good for preparation as high conductive component for supercapacitor, solar cell, dye-sensitized solar cell, and other conductive reagents

Wide Applications

Wide applications in electronic fields: Graphene oxide finds potential application as an active component and as an inactive material in FETs fabrication

Huge Capacity

Nanocomposite graphene-based finds huge capacity energy storage in lithium ion batteries and electrochemical capacitors

High Surface Area

High surface area with 2-Dimensional structure suitable for anchoring or nucleation reaction to take place

Easily Dispersed

Easily dispersed in most common organic and inorganic solvents

Cost Efective

Economically cost effective with high quality product

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